Member Care Services

The Member Care Services Team is an extension of the Senior Pastors and is designed to support the needs of the church ministering to their individual needs both spiritual and physical.  Our ministry is grounded in Christ and focused to comfort, support, and encourage those who are facing challenges in life.

Our mission is to be the physical expression of Jesus’ love to our guests, active members, and inactive members alike, by serving them through greeting, prayer, phone ministry, and visitation, ministering God’s love and healing care with a spirit of excellence so that none will be lost.

Guest Relations

The Guest Relations Department consist of the Information Desk “iDesk”, Greeters, Ushers, & Altar Workers. We are the smiling faces you see when you come to the church. The “iDesk” is where guest can get information about what is happening in the church. Greeters, Ushers, & Altar Workers try to make every guest feel comfortable and safe while on the church grounds. Guest Relations also extends to the surrounding communities while attending various meetings to introduce the church to the community and determine how the church can fill our communities’ needs.


The Marketing Team at Faith Life exists to promote the Kingdom, the Word, and our ministry creatively through print, online, and with the latest technology. We use marketing and communications as a means to educate, and engage our members, visitors and potential visitors. We visually promote and give life to our Pastors’ God-given vision.


The mission of the Bookstore is to uphold the global mission of Faith Life by equipping the Body of Christ to win and excel in every area of their lives. We aim to do this by providing books, CD’s, DVD’s and other related reading materials that will engage and assist them in appropriating these life changing truths in their every day lives. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is POWER! Hosea 4:6


The Events Ministry brings members, visitors, and friends of Faith Life International Church, and the community together to celebrate, encourage, and fellowship with one another. Faith Life hosts various events throughout the year such as our annual picnic, back-to-school night, Thanksgiving Feast and much more. The purpose and mandate of Faith Life’s Events Ministry is to help people of all walks of life to belong, to be known, and to become a true member of our Faith Life family and the family of God by simply giving peoples the opportunity to connect and fellowship. The events Team is dedicated to serving God’s children with the spirit of excellence while striving to win souls through faith, fun, and fellowship.


The Media ministry team serves are digital missionaries assisting in all media outlets throughout Faith Life International Church. Our goal is to make the Gospel easily accessible through all media outlets. One way we help spread the gospel is by distributing the Word of God preached by Pastors Ron & Gina via YouTube. We also serve by assisting in the recording and distribution of CDs, DVDs, Podcast, and other digital products in order to supply God’s people with wisdom and revelation.


The Security Team at Faith Life serve to ensure the safety of our Pastor’s, members, and visitors. We act as watchmen during all services and events whether at church or off-site.

REDD (Ages 13-18)

The mission of REDD Youth Ministry is to ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the having Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out(Luke 3:16).  Our goal is that every student that comes into our doors or encounters our ministry will come closer to realizing and fulling their Kingdom purpose. It is our heart that every student reach new intensity of fire and passion for God and is perfect will being completed in their lives.

ABLAZE (Ages 8-12)

ABLAZE  is designed to enable and equip children eight to twelve years old to be leaders among their peers and imparting to them a desire to pursue Jesus with passion. While cultivating a never ending relationship with God that impact each child in a life changing way as they discover that their true identity and destiny is found in Jesus Christ. If we are to advance the Kingdom of God, we are to advance our youth!

Faith Shuttle (Ages 3-7)

Faith Shuttle is dedicated to teaching and equipping children with the true understanding of the God’s Word. Through fun games and activities, we help to build their knowledge of God, His promises, and purpose for even the youngest of believers.  Our children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace!  At Faith Life, we believe it is important for believers to begin to confess God’s promises for their lives and we start here in Faith Shuttle!