To access your giving statement online, START HERE.

WHY INFellowship?

If you’ve filled out a connection card, joined the church, or given to Faith Life, your info is part of our records. If you’re new to Faith Life, create a profile! By registering to InFellowship and keeping your info up to date, you can keep in contact with your small groups and ministry teams. You also have access to register online for events, and to give securely online! Reviewing and downloading your giving statement becomes much easier, and you can even schedule your giving!

  • Create and manage your account
  • Edit your profile and keep info up to date
  • Configure your privacy settings
  • View your group’s contact information
  • Easy registration for online events
  • Give securely online, by setting up a one-time or recurring gift
  • View your giving statement


Need Help?

1. Click “Create a new InFellowship Account” button.

2. Complete all the required fields.

Note: Please use the same name and email address you have provided Faith Life in the past.

3. When you are finished filling out the form, click “Create Account.”

4. You will receive an activation email that includes a link to activate your account. Click the activation link to complete the process. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.

5. Once activated, you should be redirected to your account. You should be able to click on you Profile, Privacy Settings, Groups, and Giving.

Note: If you do no see the groups you belong to or your giving history please call the office and we will make sure your account is working properly.

6. Update your profile with the most current information, as well as a photo of yourself.

Note: You should also see your household’s (parents, spouse, & children) name appear. If this information is incorrect please contact the office.

If you are having trouble, feel free to call the office at 386.456.5200 and we will be happy to walk you through your registration.